Structured data logging

As an organization, the need to create lists or manage problems in excel is only a problem when it eventually stays in an unstructured, uncontrollable source such as excel. The Data Transform System is an application that can transform your excel file into a database-table with a professionalized graphical user interface.

The Data Transform System is equipped with an auto-creating interface that is created on the spot when the user selects the database that it would like to fill or edit. Therefore, it is no longer needed to store lists on local discs, where the maintainability is low.

The Data Transform System has also an auto-creating database built in. Where it is possible to create a database from the columns and datatypes that are currently positioned in an excel-file.

Furthermore, the excel file can be uploaded to the freshly made database. After only seconds, the once unmaintainable list in excel is transformed into a database, with a specific user interface. In this interface security features are built in, to ensure that formatting such as dates or numbers can be only filled with respectively dates and numbers.

Required Specifications:

  • Windows