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Digital Backbone

When you want to become data-driven as an organization, you need a construction, a digital backbone that can support all your different kind of devices. ARKONI has created such a system called the Function Pooling Network (FPN).

The FPN is a local network that is developed to easily distribute all kinds of data through connecting all the different data sources that your organization has. The FPN connects the data sources through connectors.

The connection can be web-based (REST API or TCP/IP) but the FPN also supports local connections with machines (CanBus, ProfiNet, RS232 or IO's) and all the local databases. Some of the connections that are established are with SAP, Jira, and databases such as PostgreSQL, SQL and Oracle.

Furthermore, the FPN is equipped with intelligent connectors. These are connectors where data is enriched, reshaped and joined with other sources to make analyses easier. 

The data that is transferred across the FPN is encrypted with end-to-end encryption. This means that only the sending and receiving party can decrypt the message.

The FPN is build to work with different kind of third applications, such as Excel, PowerBI or BomConnector. The FPN is a proven concept that is working steady for years in different locations across the Northern Netherlands.

Required Specifications:

  - Windows Server (If not available it can also be delivered with the software installation)

Function Pooling Network: Diensten


The Function Pooling Network is managing all your data sources and is secured by authenticators. The authenticators are based on usergroups where users are secured with an username and password. It is also possible to add external authenticators such as Microsoft. The Microsoft authenticator is developed to read the user Microsoft credentials, and match the read and write access with Microsoft User groups.



The Function Pooling Network consist of created networks that can be made in the FPN manager. It is possible to schedule these networks.

Function Pooling Network: Diensten
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