Managing the chosen issues

To ensure that the problems and ideas are handled through out the organization, the Issue Manager is created. The Issue Manager is a software application for employees with staff functions, such as purchasing or planning.

The schedule function in the Function Pooling Network is used to automatically create issues for employees. The Issue Manager is the application where employees can resolve the issues that has been presented to them. It is also possible for the employees to create issues manually. The created issues are following a basic workflow from the status "Open", to "In Progress" to "Closed".

Additionally, the Issue Manager is equipped with an overview of the unresolved issues. The overview shows issues only assigned to one individual, a whole team, a whole department or the whole organization. When an individual wants to resolve the issue that is passed on to their department or person.

Furthermore, the Issue Manager can be connected to existing ticketing systems such as Jira, where more complex workflows can be made. It is also possible to choose for Jira as the engine for the Issue System, when the organization eventually wants to grow to more complex workflows.

The issues, unresolved or resolved, can be tracked and maintained by the management team in a reporting tool such as Power BI.

Required Specifications:

  - Windows