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Managing the Digital Backbone

Every complex system needs a cockpit, a dashboard to overview the processes and to be in control of the result. To manage the Function Pooling Network, the FPN-Manager is developed. This application consists of four different views. 

At first there is an overview available to observe the real-time status of all the connections and data sources. Besides, in this overview it is possible to get informed on all the data transfers that have currently been made in your organization.

The FPN manager also consists of a permission view. In this view all the permissions of the employees can be managed. explanation

Second, the FPN manager provides the option to schedule different functions. Does your organization need some large data extractions preferably at night? The FPN manager can arrange such data transfers.

At last, the FPN manager can be used to test data transfers from specific connectors. At the Test Packet View, it is possible to recreate data transfers that went wrong to investigate the cause of the error.

Required Specifications:

  - Windows

Network Manager: Diensten


The Function Pooling Network offers a wide range of connectors to your data sources. These connectors present nodes which contains all the information that is needed to get the desired data. The complete library of nodes can be categorised by your own organisation. The node can be easily added to your network by dragging and dropping it onto the canvas.



Your sources are easy maintainable in the FPN Manager. The Manager offers a low-code Node Framework to connect your data sources, analyses methods and triggers with each other.

Network Manager: Diensten
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