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Brings information to the right person at the right time

To improve processes using data, the information needs to be delivered to the employees at the production department. The Smart Assistant is placed at the production department to ensure such a need.

To correctly transform raw data into process improvements, your organization needs an application that analyses data and proposes improvements. The Smart Assistant is developed with the idea that information is only needed at the right moment, instead of days or even weeks prior to production. With the Smart Assistant and the Issue Manager, it is possible to place information flags on production orders. It is also possible to assign information on products where production orders are not defined yet, or assembly parts in the final products.  

Furthermore, the information is only needed at the right place. To ensure this, the information flag has to be assigned to a specific worker, a specific work cell or a specific department. Also, it is important for the information flag to be active at the right moment, therefore the employee has to inform the system which order he is about to start.

An additional benefit to the fact that employees are declaring their actions, is the registering of the time spend on production orders. This is valuable knowledge that is passed on to the Function Pooling Network, to analyse patterns in the efficiency of the product mix.

If your organization already has a system in place in which employees specify their actions, it is also possible to activate the information flag on the already existing software.

Required Specifications:

  - Windows

Smart Assistant: Service
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