Arkoni enables production companies to increase efficiency by implementing Smart Industry.

Smart Industry revolution is a popular subject, but to implement Smart Industry successfully, it is rather evolution. Industry 4.0 is quite comprehensive and cannot be achieved with one quick solution. The transition can only be developed step by step. During the first small steps, challenges arise how the transition can be (cost) effectively applied to optimize business processes. At Arkoni we have a clear vision, which we would like to clarify.

Our experiences with guiding a production company towards Industry 4.0 tell us that Smart Industry can only be accomplished by the Operations Department instead of the IT Department. Only employees with knowledge of business processes can improve these processes without expanding costs. The difficulty about this observation is the limited amount of personnel that have knowledge about both, the business processes and IT. The only way to achieve Industry 4.0, is to have a simple framework that can be set up by employees of your own company. Therefore, one framework was created where all data is available and where data flows can be maintained and developed by displaying them graphically. Only the employees in the company can really achieve results with this technology. This transition is structurally changing business processes and should be easy to adapt when changing business processes in the future.

To assist these adaptable business processes, a production company should become data centric. The data centric approach assumes it is not about the applications, but the data must be central. Applications or software systems should not be an obstacle, but should support the business processes. An important obstacle for production companies is the data barriers that stands in the way of becoming data centric. Some examples are:

  • Barriers between different IT systems and data sources

  • Barriers between the office and production

  • Barriers between the company and external data

  • Barriers between vertical and horizontal integration of Smart Industry

Arkoni has developed an integration platform that focuses specifically on breaking these barriers. The integration platform uses the most modern IT technology and can handle both cloud and on-premise data.

Arkoni firmly believes that one single point of truth is an important aspect to manage your organization in the right way. An improvement in effectiveness can be achieved by reusing the data from this single point of truth in other systems. Our solutions are specifically created to further build upon without expensive software packages. Our solutions provide to develop and maintain all the different functionalities without high annual maintenance costs or creating a lock-in model.

With Arkoni, employees can improve their work if they receive the right data at the right time. When the employees are receiving the right information, the failure costs decrease significantly and the employees become more effective. Arkoni has created an application that can be seen as a smart assistant such as Google Assistant or Alexa. The smart assistant of Arkoni is further explained in the “Solutions” section.