Our solutions are capable of handling very different issues. To give you more insights into the possibilities of our solutions, we give you a glimpse of the projects that were already succesfully created and implemented.



One of our most succesfull projects is creating a complete digital PDCA-circle on a primairy production process. In this project, the results of the production orders were compared with the production hours that were calculated in advance. When the results were above certain values (rules that are set), the production order was transformed into an issue. The production employees will then be triggered by this issue, to explain why the predetermined hours were not met. By assigning these issues to production employee, they could indicate problems such as inefficient working methods or other disturbances. Together with the engineers they could create and implement solutions to influence the upcoming orders. The Smart Assistant was then used to alert themselves at the upcoming order. 
This digital PDCA-circle resulted in an efficiency increase of 10%.


The supply chain is important for our customers. It is very difficult to be in control of the supply chain without using data. Our solutions were capable to optimize the safety stock and relieve the stress of optimizing the supply chain by re-calculating it every day. In the FPN Manager, a network was created that analysed all the products and its features, such as leadtimes, lot sizes and predicted usage. The analysis calculated the perfect safety stock level and compared it with the current implementation. Every product that had a different safety stock level implemented than calculated would be converted into an issue that was assigned to a purchaser. The purchaser could then confirm it and restock or neglect the advice and comment why he chose to implement something different than calculated.

By evaluating the supply chain daily, the stress of the organisation was decreased.



To ensure an succesfull production process, it is important that all the parameters are met. When all the inputs of the production process are known, it is more likely that the output will be correct. Some of the parameters that have been examined by our solutions are:

- the competence of the employee

- the right amount of components are in stock to start the production order

- the right production version was matched with the version of the work instructions

These production checks were inspected by the employee, using the Smart Assistant. 

The results were lower failcosts and more motivated personnel