Arkoni provides a wide range of software applications, but together they represent the building blocks that are needed to become a data-centric organization. It all starts with gathering and combining the different data (sources). Arkoni developed a digital backbone called the Function Pooling Network (FPN) that makes it possible to connect with both local and server orientated sources. In contrast to solutions such as data lakes, The FPN delivers real-time data, save and secured from the original data source directly to all applications in your organization.

To manage the security, the authentication of users and maintaining connectivity, Arkoni developed the FPN-Manager. In the manager, it is also possible to schedule some transactions at a specific interval and starting time. All the different datatypes, such as process data and machine data need to be analyzed.

The Decision Support System is an application where data is analyzed into results and patterns, such as the top five most in-efficient products are shown. The Decision Support System is in place to transform the data into a behavioral change. It is possible to transform those five products into issues and instruct process engineers to specifically improve those products.

The issues are then maintained in the Issue System. In this software application, the engineer has an overview of all the issues that are given to him, by the Decision Support System, or by hand in the Issue System. When the process engineer has created a solution for the in-efficient production runs, it is possible to get the solution to the production employee, exactly when he starts with producing the in-efficient product with an information flag.

The information flag is then shown to the employee with the Information System. In this system the employee declares their movement by scanning the production order at the start. By declaring his actions, it is possible for the system to check for information flags. With this system, it is secured that the right data analyses are transformed into behavioral changes that will lead to efficiency improvements.


Digital Backbone


Managing the Digital Backbone


Brings information to the right person at the right time

Image by Sebastian Herrmann

Managing the chosen issues


Logging data structured