Can you become more efficient by using your own data?

"With the solutions of ARKONI, we are in control of our own digitalization!"



Does your organisation have multiple software applications and more than one data source? The solutions of ARKONI can help you achieve the digital revolution that is needed! Our solutions breaks down all the barriers that your organisation experience with your current data use. All your data sources are reachable within one framework. Now it's just a matter of creating useful insights with all the analyses methods that our framework has to offer and more!



Our solutions are actively used at multiple production sites. These production companies are still improving the use of their framework by expanding functions by themselves. The employees at these companies have been trained in developing their own use-cases. Cases that have been made with our solutions:

  • Process Optimization - A digital PDCA circle to analyse and improve processes

  • Smart Maintenance - Manage and trace maintenance to ensure correct working machines

  • Safety Stock Optimization - A digital twin the supply chain and contracts to control inventory

  • Production Checks - A system to validate a process by checking inputs such as material or competences.

  • Smart Planning - a repetitious analyses to make sure that the employee is starting the correct order

These cases can easily be created and implemented at your own factory!



ARKONI provides a wide range of software applications, and together they represent the building blocks that are needed to become a data-centric organization. As a production company, your environment is highly flexible. These solutions are developed to create an environment for you, where changes can be edited by yourself. You are in charge of your own IT-architecture. We are here to give support, but only when it is needed.

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The theory behind the digital revolution is complex and is often described in terms such as Industry 4.0, Paperless Production or Data Centric Approaches. The solutions from Arkoni are selected and developed to make it possible to complete so-called Data Circles. This approach breaks down the complex theory of digitalization in understandable building blocks. This method is explained in a whitepaper about the Data Circles.



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